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Climb Any Hill Faster with These 3 Workouts

  We have yet to meet a cyclist or triathlete who doesn’t want to go uphill faster, but not all hills are created equal. Rolling hills aren’t very long but they often come one right after the other and can add up to a surprising amount of elevation gain. Sustained climbs take patience and power,…

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Posted: April 22, 2015

Author: CTS

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Which is Better: Two Shorter Rides or One Really Long Ride?

  We received a great question in response to a recent blog post and I thought the answer would make a good post for everyone. Here’s the question: “Would it be preferable to ride 6 hours in one day with a day off following, or 2 days back to back for 3 hours? Obviously a…

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This Simple Change to Your Training Week Yields Big Improvements!

  By Chris Carmichael One of the most common training schedules for amateur cyclists is the 4-day Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun plan. It’s a great plan for a couple reasons: four workouts a week provides enough consistency to keep you moving forward, you can generate enough weekly workload to see continued improvement, and there are three rest/recovery days…

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Weekend Reading: Do These 8 Things To Be Faster, Safer, and More Confident in Corners

  By Jim Rutberg, CTS Pro Coach and co-author “The Time-Crunched Cyclist” For a long time petrol heads derided American muscle cars for being great in a straight line and utterly useless when they encountered a corner. European performance cars, they argued, were designed for drivers. They had power for speed but also advanced suspension,…

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Do These 12 Things To Have a Great Cycling Season

  As the days start to get noticeably longer and winter starts to give way to spring it’s time for training to get more specific and goal-oriented. The heart of the season is approaching quickly and now is the time to get organized. Here’s your punchlist of the top ways you can ensure that this…

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Weekend Reading: Instructions for Surviving the Toughest Moments of Your Event

  Athletes spend countless hours preparing to be at their best, but we learn the most about ourselves when we’re closest to failure. As endurance athletes I believe we actually seek out tough moments. We push ourselves with longer events and harder challenges and more competitive fields so we can reach the point where failure…

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4 Tour of Flanders Tips All Cyclists Can Benefit From

  This Sunday I strongly suggest you find a live video feed of the Tour of Flanders. It’s always a race worth watching, and if watching the Ronde van Vlaanderen doesn’t inspire you to get out there and put in a storming Sunday ride, I don’t know what will. I raced Flanders with 7-Eleven and…

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Weekend Reading: How to go from “Fat and Slow” to “Lean and Fast”

  This week has been crazy with Spring Break for the kids, a quick trip to Santa Ynez to drop in on the Spring Training Camp, and preparations for next week’s trip to Belgium for the Belgium Race Experience. Stay tuned for updates on that trip, as it’ll be my first time riding the Tour…

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Recovery Timing for Perfect Intervals

  By Jim Rutberg, CTS Pro Coach So, you’re all ready to go out for your workout. You have food in your pocket, your bike is gleaming in the warm sun with a bottle of water and bottle of sports drink, your Smith glasses are sitting in the Giro helmet draped over your handlebars, and your Joule GPS…

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5 Tips to Becoming An Expert At Drafting

  Financial advisors will tell you that the way to get (or stay) rich is to not just make more money, but also avoid wasting it. The same is true with how athletes get faster. It’s not just about how much power you can produce or how high you can push your lactate threshold pace….

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