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Coach Blogs: Winter Training for Spring’s “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”

(The following was originally posted at http://www.teamevergreenracing.com/?q=jonsey.) By Daniel Matheny, CTS Expert Coach Follow Jonsey….the Target! Well in Round 2, Jonsey ended the post with the question of “why” and a mention of his BHAG or “big hairy audacious goal”. For those of us Coloradan cyclists, this is sometimes one of the more difficult rounds…

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Posted: December 3, 2010

Author: CTS

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Chris Carmichael Blog: Intensity now means greater effectiveness later.

I’ve been thinking about age and athletes a lot recently, so it’s fortuitous that I came across an article published in the NY Times on November 25 about a record-setting 91-year-old track and field athlete named Olga Koltelko. (Click here to read the article.) Researchers are studying her and the growing number of athletes over…

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La Ruta Journal from Francois Millard

Francois Millard is one of the 10 athletes who applied and was selected to train for and join Chris Carmichael at the 2010 La Ruta de los Conquistadores mountain bike stage race. Francois had plenty of endurance racing behind him, including the BC Bike Race, and he was consistently very strong in the training camps…

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La Ruta Stage 4 Blog from Jason Tullous

From CTS Coach Jason Tullous (http://jasontullous.wordpress.com/) The last stage became “old hat” as I woke up at 4am, packed my bag and my day pack, put my cycling kit on, delivered the bags to the bus, ate breakfast, and then got on the bus to the start. The transfer was not long as everyone was…

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Paula Amsden’s Full La Ruta Gallery

Here’s the link to Paula Amsden’s complete photo gallery from La Ruta: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=245636&id=678281555

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From Jason Tullous: Stage 3 Blog

Well the entire race as been Epic but today had a little bit of everything and has become my favorite stage so far with one more stage tomorrow. When I said everything, I meant everything beginning with the start.  We line up as usual and the officials announce some disqualifications from the previous day. It…

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Blisters Don’t Count

According to Chris Carmichael, blisters are not grounds for quitting La Ruta, so I guess he’s going to have to continue even with most of the skin missing from the back of his heel…

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