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Weekend Reading: What Can You Achieve in the Next 18 Months?

What a week! Last Saturday I was up in Leadville, Colorado, to support CTS Athletes as they conquered the Leadville 100 MTB Race, this week we announced the 2015 Bucket List Event Schedule and released the “CTS Endless Summer” report, and tomorrow I’m headed to Aspen to meet Team CTS before the start of the…

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5 Ways Roadies and Triathletes Can Be Faster Mountain Bikers

By Jim Rutberg The idea for this article occurred to me as I watched a friend roll into T2 of an off-road triathlon in Colorado. Somewhere underneath the blood and mud was a strong and talented triathlete, but he had made the crucial mistake of believing superior fitness could compensate for poor mountain bike skills….

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Posted: August 13, 2014

Author: CTS

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Weekend Reading: 8 Support Tips for Improving Race Day Performance

  This morning more than 2000 athletes will roll off the start line of the Leadville 100, including 60+ CTS Athletes. It’s just one of many events we send our coaches to in order to support our athletes, and I’m proud to say that CTS Athletes have consistently beaten the overall race finish rates at…

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Tapering and What to Do the Week Before Your Race

  Training can be a lot like drinking: to have a great time you need to know when to stop. In the week leading up to a race or event, athletes can do more to undermine their training than they can to enhance it. Yet, just like that “one more” drink, it’s the prospect of…

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Tour de France: The Long Journey to Yellow – What it takes to develop into a Tour de France Champion

The journey from a cyclist’s first race to the top of the podium in Paris is long and arduous, but the route is pretty well defined. Riders progress along the route at different rates, and many have to endure setbacks and detours along the way, but the basic pattern for developing a potential Tour de…

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Weekend Reading, Tour de France Edition: What You Need To Know About the Stage 20 Individual Time Trial

In the modern Tour de France, time trials play a huge role in the final outcome of the race. This year is somewhat rare in that there is only one test against the clock. Typically the organizers either start with a prologue and/or put an individual or team time trial in the first 10 days…

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2014 Tour de France: Is The Yellow Jersey a Hollow Victory With Chris Froome and Alberto Contador Out of the Race?

You know, I’ve heard and read sentiments that Vincenzo Nibali is winning the 2014 Tour de France solely because Chris Froome and Alberto Contador abandoned. Yesterday someone even asked me if I thought Nibali would think less of his victory because of their absence. My emphatic answer was, “Hell no!” Being able to stay in…

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2014 Tour de France: How to Come Back from the Dead on Climbs

  With four huge climbs packed into just 124 kilometers (77 miles) of racing, Stage 17 of the 2014 Tour de France was a brutal test. On a long stage that features big climbs, the distance and the terrain cause the selection even if the racing isn’t very aggressive. But when a mountain stage is…

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2014 Tour de France: How To Create and Then Win From The Perfect Breakaway

  When riders and team managers look at stages in the race bible, they can pretty quickly categorize them as good days for the sprinters, the climbers, the GC contenders, and the opportunists. On paper Stage 16 of the 2014 Tour de France looked like a great day for an opportunistic breakaway, but how do…

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Everything You Need To Know about Power to Weight Ratio

This is a good time to revisit the idea of power-to-weight ratio, or PWR. In simple terms PWR is a way of comparing two riders of different weights to predict which one has the potential to go uphill faster. When the pitches get steep and the mountain passes get long, the riders with higher PWR…

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