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2014 Tour de France: How To Create and Then Win From The Perfect Breakaway

  When riders and team managers look at stages in the race bible, they can pretty quickly categorize them as good days for the sprinters, the climbers, the GC contenders, and the opportunists. On paper Stage 16 of the 2014 Tour de France looked like a great day for an opportunistic breakaway, but how do…

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Everything You Need To Know about Power to Weight Ratio

This is a good time to revisit the idea of power-to-weight ratio, or PWR. In simple terms PWR is a way of comparing two riders of different weights to predict which one has the potential to go uphill faster. When the pitches get steep and the mountain passes get long, the riders with higher PWR…

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2014 Tour de France Analysis, Stage 13: Big Mountains Force a Show of Hands

The first day in big mountains is always a day of reckoning in the Tour de France. There is nowhere to hide when the a climb takes more than 30 minutes to ascend, and not even the riders themselves know how their legs will fare until they’re actually on the early ramps of these major…

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2014 Tour de France – Stage 11: Why Athletes Need to Keep Going

Bike racing is a cruel sport. Even in the middle of the biggest race in the world, with roads lined with tens of thousands of fans and surrounded by everyone else in the peloton, at some level each rider is alone. You’re the one doing the work and making the decisions about how hard to…

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Tour de France Analysis – Week 1: Seven Stages or Seven Rounds?

Team BMC’s Peter Stetina summed up the first week of the Tour de France perfectly when he was interviewed following Stage 7 on Friday: “Sketchy”. That’s exactly what the first week is like, and here’s why: everybody is fresh, every team starts out with big goals and the desire and horsepower to execute on them,…

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2014 Tour de France: Rain and Cobblestones Wreak Havoc on Stage 5

By Chris Carmichael Everyone knew Stage 5 of the 2014 Tour de France had the potential to be dangerous, but when the riders awoke this morning to a steady rain their worst nightmares were confirmed. It’s one thing to race over cobblestones when they are dry, it’s still extremely difficult, but today was brutal. The…

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Playing in Traffic: How cyclists use the caravan to get back into the race

Try to imagine this: You’re flying along in a peloton that’s traveling well over 30mph and you hear a distinct hiss coming from your back wheel, followed by that squishy feeling of a tire quickly going flat. Within seconds the peloton is gone, cars and motorbikes are whizzing by, and you’re feet are on the…

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Trainright Now: Cycling Fast and Safely in the Rain

Originally published in Road Bike Action Magazine, July 2014 By Chris Carmichael On a recent Saturday morning I got a call from Jerry, an athlete I’ve only been working with for a short time. His criterium started in an hour and he was sitting in his car listening to the rain pound on the roof….

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Weekend Reading: 8 Sources of Kick Ass Inspiration!

This is a holiday weekend in the US, celebrating Independence Day. July 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays. It’s a day, or a long weekend, featuring parades, fireworks, barbeques, and all manner of events. In Colorado – as elsewhere in the country – active people are flocking to the outdoors to spend…

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Developing Power, Fitness, and Agility to Climb Hills Fast

It’s a very special day in a cyclist’s life when the prospect of riding uphill is met with a smile instead of a sense of dread. It’s special because a great deal of work is required to reach this day, and because it means there are no remaining obstacles to having a great ride every…

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Posted: June 24, 2014

Author: CTS

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