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Normally I use this space to provide training tips or a recipe or something I think you will find useful in your pursuit of performance. I had an article ready to go for this morning, but the reports of another large-scale terrorist attack made it seem pretty trivial. I tend to “stay in my lane”…

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Survive and Thrive With These Winter Cycling Equipment Tips

  While I’m traveling in a very warm climate at the moment, there’s no denying winter is descending on the Northern Hemisphere and it’s time to get ready for cold-weather riding. CTS Coach Reid Beloni from our Brevard, North Carolina training center has a lot of experience with cold East Coast winters, so I asked him…

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Posted: November 6, 2015

Author: CTS

Categories: Blogs, Training

Not Your Mama’s Sweet Potatoes: Sweet Potato and Quinoa Skillet Cake

  In this recipe, sweet potatoes and quinoa come together to make a delicious skillet cake, or you can use the same recipe to make smaller patties to make sandwiches or wraps. Personally, we like the larger skillet-sized cake for this recipe because it’s extremely easy to make. Just mix the ingredients, heat a skillet and…

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9 Ways Your Ego Destroys Your Performance

    Having a healthy ego is a good thing. You take pride in your abilities, have a solid sense of who you are and your place in the world, and generally positive self-esteem. Ego plays a role in an athlete’s level of confidence. It can be a factor in helping you sign up for…

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The Proven CTS 9-Week Holiday Cycling Training Plan

Three Workouts, No Excuses. I talk with busy athletes juggling cycling goals with full-time careers and families pretty much every day, and when it comes right down to it you fall into two primary categories: those who figure out how to get it done, and those who rattle off a litany of circumstances that prevent…

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How Detraining Works and 3 Steps to Avoid It

  Coaching is almost entirely about motivating and inspiring athletes, and there are a number of ways to accomplish that. Personally, we prefer to emphasize the positive by inspiring athletes to achieve lofty goals. Sometimes, however, athletes respond better to the desire to avoid negative consequences, like losing power, gaining weight, and getting slower. So,…

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Not Your Mama’s Sweet Potatoes: Green Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

  We all have certain triggers for food cravings. For me the sound of dry leaves crunching under my feet and crisp, cold fall evenings get me thinking about sweet potatoes. Thankfully there are a ton of ways to enjoy sweet potatoes other than drowned in butter, brown sugar, and marshmallows in a casserole. Over…

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Let’s Get Real About Your Weight

  I generally try to be diplomatic when I talk about training and weight management, but perhaps it’s time to stop being polite and start getting real (sorry, I couldn’t resist the MTV reference…). We can talk about incremental increases in power at lactate threshold or optimizing pedal stroke, but if you really want to…

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What’s Really Going on With The 2016 USA Pro Challenge

  Shortly after the UCI Road Cycling World Championships in Richmond, Virginia, I had lunch with Shawn Hunter, CEO of the USA Pro Challenge stage race in Colorado. Only a few weeks earlier the USA Pro Challenge had announced that the Schaden family was stepping down as the backers of the USA Pro Challenge and…

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5 Tips to Finding The Perfect Time of Day To Train

  There are two times of year when we get the most questions about the best time of day to work out: the weeks surrounding the start and end of Daylight Savings Time. In the spring (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), the hours of daylight reach the point where either early morning or late afternoon/evening training…

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