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Why Training With Heart Rate is Still Relevant

  Heart Rate Training Is Not Dead Like so many areas in our lives, the pace of innovation in cycling is accelerating. Power meters were once a rare sight anywhere outside of the pro or Olympic team ranks; now they are ubiquitous at the Saturday coffee shop ride. But this has led to a few…

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Weekend Reading: Why training fails, and what to do about it

We’ve arrived at the time of the year when athletes are wrapping up their summer seasons and looking forward to the next steps in their training and competition calendars. For the vast majority of coached athletes, these are great conversations about victories, personal bests, and great personal achievements. But there are also some tough conversations…

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5 Ways Roadies and Triathletes Can Be Faster Mountain Bikers

By Jim Rutberg The idea for this article occurred to me as I watched a friend roll into T2 of an off-road triathlon in Colorado. Somewhere underneath the blood and mud was a strong and talented triathlete, but he had made the crucial mistake of believing superior fitness could compensate for poor mountain bike skills….

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