Free Time-Crunched Cyclist Mini-Course

Learn step-by-step how to maximize your limited training time. Walk away with a personalized plan to increase your performance.
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Overcome Limited Training Time and Get Faster

In a 2023 survey of more than 1000 amateur endurance athletes, “limited training time” was the number one limiting factor preventing people from achieving their goals.

For more than 20 years, CTS has worked with athletes to integrate effective training into busy personal and professional lifestyles. We wrote the book on maximizing limited training time, literally.

The Time-Crunched Cyclist was one of the first books to focus on the advantages and opportunities athletes have when they have limited time to train but lots of time for recovery.

This fast, free mini-course is designed to extract the key lessons from The Time-Crunched Cyclist and help you build a personalized plan that will help you achieve your cycling goals.

This mini-course can help you:

  • Succeed in road, gravel, MTB events and races
  • Set PRs and take on personal challenges
  • Stay fit and healthy
  • Contend with your friends on the local group ride
  • Improve body composition

Learn to Maximize Your Training Time

This mini-course is for cyclists who want to maximize their fitness and performance within the 6-8 hours per week they have available for training.

It is for career professionals and working parents, busy students, and anyone with a lot on their plate.

You can be a beginner or novice cyclist and benefit from this course, or you can be an experienced cyclist facing new limits on your time. And you can be a competitive cyclist or someone with absolutely no interest in competing.

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What You'll Learn in This Mini-Course

 Section #1 - How “Time-Crunched Cyclist” Training Works

 Section #2 - Who is “The Time-Crunched Cyclist Mini Course” for?

 Section #3 - Essential Training Tools for Time-Crunched Cyclists

 Section #4 - Go-To Nutrition Strategies

 Section #5 - Recovery Tools for Time-Crunched Cyclists

 Section #6 - Exercise: Create Your Time-Crunched Cyclist Action Plan (Step-By-Step Worksheet Included)

Are You Ready to Transform Your Training?

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