Great value and benefit!

Cory Bruno Leave a Comment

I’m new to this membership but I have already gained a lot of value from the plans and the ability to bounce ideas off of a coach in the forum. With a free trial, if you are curious, this is an easy decision.

Always the Right Way

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I have never been disappointed with the guidance that I have had and continue to have, on various levels, from the professional staff of coaches at CTS. After every camp I am a more proficient cyclist with the added plus of a higher level of confidence in my abilities as a seasoned cyclist.

Great programming!

Brian Orr Leave a Comment

Love the running programming and how easy the app is to navigate. I wish there were options for season long strength training or more programs to pick from.

Worth every dime

Kevin Scott Leave a Comment

It is not exactly the same as having an actual coach by your side, but it is the next best thing. If you are looking for a structured program to follow, that isn’t complicated, then I would give consideration to CTS and TR. Bang for my buck? With all of the perks that I get …

So far it’s pretty good

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Still evaluating, In general, it’s good to have a plan of almost any kind . I do like the plans that are available in Training Peaks for time crunched cyclists and generally feel more focused I feel like that is all I’m getting out of it for the fee as most of the videos and …

The training plans

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I signed up for a 100-miler training plan and I love the workouts, the description of what the workout is all about and more. It uploads to my training peaks which is super convenient for me.