Close, practical and serious!

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I took Fred a couple of months before a big ultratrail challenge. He has helped me a lot to adapt my life with the demands of my training. He has adapted very well to my personality and dedicates the time I need to meet my objectives. We also both speak Spanish so there is no …

Excellent and flexible Coach!

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Addison helped me prepare off an injury to run a solid, faster than expected, road marathon in minimal training time! He takes the time to understand my fitness progression both in strength workouts as well as the running plan. He’s also helping me to a smooth transition into trail training while still working to keep …

Adam is Fantastic!

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Adam helped me prepare for my first 50K and gave me the tools to coach myself for my first fifty mile race. He is very dedicated to learning more about ultrarunning and his athletes.

My coach is professional and awesome

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He helped me a lot. First of all, he made me realize the importance of scientific training. Secondly, he helped me understand how to become a qualified athlete. Before I met Jason, I didn’t know that many drugs contain stimulants, and athletes are not allowed to touch these drugs. In this regard, he helped me …

Adam is awesome!

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He has also developed personalized training runs to improve my power and my speed which I was struggling to put together based on all the information available. I love that he has taken all the pressure off of me to learn and understand a plethora of statistics and adjust my training as needed. I leave …

Excellent coach!

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Anne is a very talented coach who is personable, attentive and reliable. With her expert program prescription, I’ve seen significant gains towards all my stated goals. I am confident that I will be well prepared for race day.

Awesome coach

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It’s been a great experience so far. A completely different outline to my usually training and I’m noticing the benefits very early on. Bri has been a great coach, very analytical and explains the process really well so I understand why we are training this way and what benefits I will gain from it. I’m …

Balance of support and challenge

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I’ve been working with Nicole for a couple years now through Canyons and now enroute to CCC in August. Nicole has helped me through self driven training camps and a 3 day race at Mammoth Trailfest and Dipsea. Nicole holds a very fine line with me that I have come to appreciate. She doesn’t allow …

He is awesome and worked hard to help me reach my goals!

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Working with my coach really helped me to structure my daily running plans in order for them to fit into my longer term goals. Having a coach that would check in and keep me accountable for rest days was also super important, as this is the most difficult part of good training for me. Also, …