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Best for the motivated athlete who needs a great training plan, occasional schedule adjustments, and a weekly check-in with a coach. Perfect starting point for someone new to coaching or a more experienced athlete who is primarily looking for a schedule and some analysis and feedback.

We Offer Two Term Lengths to Choose From

One-Time $39 Registration Fee


6-Month Coaching Package



12-Month Coaching Package


Select Coaching Package Details

  • Expert Coach

  • Custom Training Program

  • Weekly Workout & File Analysis

  • Weekly Training Plan Adjustments

  • Weekly Coach Communication Via Phone/Video Call/Email/Text

  • 24 Hour Coach Responsiveness

  • TrainingPeaks Premium Account

  • CTS Athlete Perks

We Guarantee You’ll Love Your Coaching

We want to make sure that we match you with the best coach for you and that you’re happy with the coaching service you’re receiving. So we give all new CTS Athletes 30 days to try coaching risk free. If at the end of 30-days, it’s not for you, you may cancel, we will refund your first month’s coaching fee, and you will no longer be obligated to the remainder of your agreement.


Typically athletes will have around an hour or so phone call once a week with their coach to review their workouts, training progress, nutrition, and event strategy.

You have complete control over how you like to communicate with your coach. Some athletes prefer to video chat or just keep communication to email and text. Our coaches are flexible and willing to work around your schedule and use whatever communication method you’re most comfortable with.

No problem. All new CTS Athletes have 30 days to try coaching. If at the end of 30-days, it’s not for you, you may cancel, we will refund your first month’s coaching fee and you will no longer be obligated to the remainder of your agreement.

If at the end of 90 days, you decide that it’s not for you, you may cancel without further obligation, however, there are no refunds.

If you decide to cancel after 90 days, the cancellation fee is just equal to one month’s coaching payment.

After you have signed up for a Coaching Plan, our Athlete Services team has paired you with a coach and you have begun the initial setup of your annual training plan, your coach will provide your workouts in Training Peaks. You will be typically receive your schedule at least one week in advance. After you perform those workouts, you will upload your data into Training Peaks. Your coach will analyze that data each week or daily, depending on your Coaching Package level. This analysis will either be emailed or discussed with your coach on the phone. This data and analysis will provide the coach with the information needed to plan your future training as well as monitor your progress. All Coaching Packages include a weekly phone conversation of up to 1 hour for the Select Plan and increases with each plan. During these calls, you will discuss, your current training, future training, goals, events, race strategy, equipment, and nutrition.
When you sign up online, you will be contacted by someone on our Athlete Services team within 24 hours on the following business day via email or direct phone call. The purpose of that call and/or e-mail is to determine what you are training for and to match you with the best coach for you. With that information, Athlete Services will match you with your coach and send introduction emails. Those emails will include usernames and passwords for your TrainingPeaks account and your account. Next, you will be contacted by your coach within 24 hours via email or phone to schedule your first call. Though you’ll be billed for your first month on signup, please note your first month of coaching does not start until you’ve been in contact with your new coach, so that you’ll receive a full month.
CTS provides all athletes at all Coaching levels a Premium TrainingPeaks account. If you currently have a Premium TrainingPeaks account and have paid them in the past 120 days, Training Peaks will refund the unused portion, and CTS will take over the monthly payment. Whether you have a Basic or Premium Account with Training Peaks, CTS will assign you an account that the username ends in @CTS. We will then merge the two accounts under the @CTS Username and you will retain ALL of your past data. You will simply need to supply your coach with your username and email associated with your personal account and CTS will take care of the merge. When the time comes that you are no longer coached by CTS, this account will revert back to a Basic account. You will NOT lose any data and you may upgrade to Premium by contacting TrainingPeaks directly.
Unfortunately these things happen and with your notification to Athlete Services, we can offer up to (3) months of a Medical Hold. During this time, you will not receive coaching and you will not be billed until your return. Anything longer than (3) months will be discussed with Athlete Services in order to come up with an amicable solution. This is for Medical reasons only.
CTS has a program to utilize during times like this. It is a reduced rate that will keep you in touch with your coach and/or provides workouts for the time you are away from formal training, in order to maintain your fitness. Contact Athlete Services for details.

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