In Memory of Jack Lalanne

Jack Lalanne was the genuine article. Once he discovered the benefits of training and nutrition as a teenager, he made it his life’s work to help others learn the path to better health through exercise and good nutrition. The man walked the walk, and no one was better at talking the talk. He was a showman and visionary, a true pioneer long before fitness was an industry. But while it’s easy to focus on the earlier years of his career, Jack’s biggest lesson for us may have come from the later decades of his life. A lifetime of exercise may have added years to Jack’s life, but there’s no doubt that exercise added life to Jack’s years. He worked hard and was rewarded with a long, healthy, and active lifetime. Jack always led by example, and as millions of us march into the second half of our lives we should thank him for showing us the way.

Chris Carmichael

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  1. i grew up watching mom try to follow Jack Lalanne she and our neighbor would watch his show everyday he inspired me to excersize at a very young age

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