CTS Figueroa Gran Fondo Rules and Regulations

      1. BE CAREFUL. Figueroa Mountain is a big climb with a technical descent. The road is open to vehicle traffic and even though you may not encounter a single car you should descend as if a car could be coming at any time. Pay attention to course marshals. They are there to help you stay safe.
      2. HELMETS. You must wear a helmet at all times while riding a bike. That includes riding to and from registration, bombing down descents and popping wheelings in the parking lot. If you are on your bike your helmet needs to be on and buckled. We reserve the right to ask any rider to leave they are unwilling to comply.
      3. BIKES. We highly recommend a road bike for this event. Any road setup will work, but 25-28mm wide tires and 36 or 34/28 climbing gear is ideal. However if you want to get crazy and ride a singlespeed or a mountain bike be our guest. Absolutely no aero bars of any kind.
      4. OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS/STAY RIGHT. While we will have marshals at every intersection the roads are open to cars. You will get passed by a car and there is always another rider faster than you. Pass other riders on the left and move back to the right of the road. It is just the right thing to do.
      5. DO NOT LITTER. Some of your entry fee money is going towards green waste collection containers at every aid station. Use them.