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Ginger Boyd

I’m a Cat 3 road racer based in Los Angeles, California. I started riding bikes in New York as a way to get around, and it quickly grew from there when I discovered track racing at Kissena Velodrome. Out on the left coast I discovered climbing (there’s real mountains over here!) and started to get more serous about road racing. I come from a ballet background and thrived in that hyper-controlled, self-disciplined environment. That mindset has helped me a lot in tackling my training goals, but left a bit to be desired in the realm of competitive spirit. In ballet, you just don’t find that same fire to win a sprint finish that you do in bike racing! My main goals this year are to reach my Cat 2 Upgrade and start cracking the top ten in P12 fields. I already feel my fitness improving through working with CTS for the past few months! Excited to get out there and see how it pays off!

Eric Johnson

Hometown: Glen Ellen, Ca

Currently lives in: Red Bluff, Ca

Core activities: Running, cycling 

Can otherwise be found: Backcountry Skiing or traveling with my wife Rebecca.

Fell in love with Running: I didn’t always love running but did so out of necessity to maintain peak fitness in my profession of firefighting. Later in my career, I accepted promotions where I found myself spending less time the mountains and more behind the desk. Fortunately running the mountains and trails helped to balance this disparity towards the end of my career. I used to get paid to climb mountains, now I just do it for fun. 

Favorite places: The wilderness, the mountains and the ocean are among my favorite places to spend time. Future plans to explore the aforementioned remain quite high on my bucketlist of things to do with my wife Rebecca. 


Abby Epton

Like most thirty somethings, a few years ago I found myself working a sedentary job, eating out, and no surprise I was overweight and unhappy. When my career relocated me to California in Fall 2014, I decided it was time for a lifestyle change. This kicked off my journey to lose weight (60 lbs total!) and get my life back. That spring, after losing my first 20 pounds, I decided I wanted to “do” a triathlon. I bought a bike, and the rest is history. As an athlete that grew up in the competitive softball and team sports arena, competing came naturally. Having a goal event gave training purpose and getting out of the gym and into the outdoors gave me the variety for the weight loss to be sustainable. For me, the thought of having a coach was something that I not only desired, but I knew I needed to keep me engaged and motivated. After my first sprint I was hooked and have since trained and raced a variety of distances, including finishing my first Ironman and winning multiple age-group podium spots. With the expertise of CTS coach Rad Hallman, my 2018 focus will be short course triathlon racing and improving my run speed off the bike. Training and racing the half Ironman distance (70.3) is my true passion, but this year will be about gaining more race experience and finding my speed. The ultimate goal, top step of the podium!

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