After 2020 Amgen Tour Of California Cancellation, CTS Plans To Launch A New Event

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Last week we all heard the news about the cancellation of the 2020 Amgen Tour of California. The event is an important component of the international racing calendar, and we are sad it will not happen in 2020. We also thank Kristin Klein, Ryan Ung, and everyone at AEG for their hard work, and hope they bring the race back in 2021.

There will be no hiatus in 2020 for CTS, however.

The Amgen Tour of California Race Experience was a spring focal point for 10 years, and for 2020 we are planning an event that captures the features athletes liked most about the Race Experience and upgrades features we now have more flexibility with.

Scheduled for traditional Amgen Tour of California time slot (May 10 to 16), the 2020 Golden State Epic will feature 6 days of big point-to-point rides, epic climbs, world-class scenery, and the on- and off-bike support you expect from CTS. And because we have increased flexibility, we will have later start times in the mornings, shorter or non-existent transfers, upgraded hotel accommodations, and better food.

Details for the 2020 Golden State Epic will take some time to pull together, but expect us to unveil more info in mid-December.

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