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12hrs of Temecula: Coach’s Report

A week post-race now, I find myself back in Colorado after a glorious week of traveling, training, and supporting, once again, for Pua Mata at one of her mountain bike races. This wasn’t another “winning is the only option” race, however. This one had a bit of a unique twist to it: She was racing…

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La Ruta Journal: Day 0 – Pre-Ride, with SRM File

La Ruta Race Reflections La Ruta: The Hardest Mountain Bike Race in the World   Let’s face it: if you’re looking for a challenge, that title catches your eye. Not only does it boast of 39,000ft of climbing, but you cross a jungle, hike through flowing rivers, ride over multiple volcanoes, and battle the heat and…

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La Ruta Recon Camp 2011: SRM Power Data from the Jungle

By Adam Pulford, CTS Senior Coach Day 1: Come Prepared An experienced mountain biker will show up to a race with all of his gear, equipment, and nutrition dialed. Part of my job is to help athletes develop into experienced mountain bikers. Although you can read detailed packing lists of what to bring, you need…

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