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Fueling and hydration strategies for optimal performance.

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The solution for…


“I don’t know where to start.”




“I’ve never taken a close look at my nutrition.”




“I need to learn to eat like an athlete.”

Performance Dietary Analysis

A comprehensive nutrition analysis provides professional guidance individualized to your lifestyle, fitness and performance goals. CTS Nutrition Analyses also include a 45-minute review/consultation provided by a member of the CTS nutrition team. You’ll receive:

  • Comprehensive analysis of 3 days of your current eating habits
  • Comparison of the three days analyzed versus a recommended optimal nutrition program based on your activity level, weight management or fitness/competition goals
  • Current intakes of macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals)
  • Recommended macro and micro nutrient sources
  • Recommended foods and supplements to correct performance deficiencies
  • Estimation of caloric intake and expenditure and an explanation of how this affects weight management and athletic performance
  • Sample two-day meal plan

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Raceweight Weight Loss

Nearly every athlete we encounter would benefit from losing 10 pounds. Many athletes need to lose much more than that! Being lighter makes you faster and reduces the energy cost of every mile and every effort. Stop wasting power dragging around excess baggage! This no-nonsense weight loss program is designed around performance, not vague platitudes or making healthy lifestyle choices. This is about dropping pounds so you go faster. Period.

Check out this article from Chris Carmichael for more on why you need to lose weight!

We’ll start by gathering data about your current caloric intake and eating habits, and provide the changes you’ll need to make to cut calories and reduce your weight to your target. We’ll also show you how much faster you’ll be when you reach your goal weight!

The most important component of the Raceweight Weight Loss Program is the phone consult with a Registered Dietician. This is where you put the words into action and apply the concepts to your specific situation.

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The solution for…









The solution for…


“My training is good but I bonk/cramp/bloat in my races.”



“GI distress keeps taking me out of the races!”



“I could win if I could get my hydration/nutrition figured out!”

Raceday Nutrition Planning

Nothing can undo months of training faster than a poor nutrition strategy. At CTS we’ve prepared athletes for the nutritional challenges of everything from criteriums and centuries to Ironman World Championships, the Leadville 100 (mtn bike and run), the Badwater ultramarathon, and major stage races. Each event and each person is different, and our coaches and sports nutrition specialists will examine the demands of your goal event (heat, humidity, duration, elevation, availability of aid stations, etc.) and your personal tolerances and preferences.

You’ll receive a detailed race-day nutrition plan and an in-depth consultation with a sports nutrition specialist. We recommend you utilize this service at least 3 months prior to your goal event to allow for enough for testing and adjustments to your nutrition plan.

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