CTS Triathlon Packages

Ideal for all age groups and experience levels

Note: CTS will be hosting our Triathlon School in Santa Ynez in 2016! Please scroll down for information on our current coaching and camp options for triathlon.


Multisport COACHING

CTS works with triathletes at all of our coaching package levels. With the attention required to address three disciplines, we recommend the Premium service level. Whether you are preparing for your first multisport event or you’re an Ironman veteran, we have the expertise and coaching resources to help you exceed your goals. Olympic Bronze Medalist Erin Densham is a CTS Athlete, and CTS Coaches have worked with Ironman World Champions Craig Alexander, Peter Reid, Normann Stadler, and Tim DeBoom; and Ironman winner Heather Wurtele.

To sign up for a Triathlon Coaching Package, simply go to our Coaching Packages page and choose your coaching package. You can sign up online as well. Have questions? Contact Us.


TRIATHLON School and Private CAMPS

For 2016 we are offering our 5-day Triathlon School from June 7-12 in Santa Ynez, California. This will be a truly immersive experience, with activities and training sessions throughout the day! Come and work one-on-one with the top CTS triathlon coaches in the warm California sun!

Sign up for Triathlon School

Private camps are also a great opion! We’ve found we can most specifically tailor the focus and effectiveness of a triathlon camp when we create it just for you or a small group of your training partners. This way we can spend more time on areas of greatest importance to you and integrate the camp experience into your training at the time that’s best for your personal, professional, and training calendars.

Since our triathlon private camps are entirely customized, please contact us to discuss your options.

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