Carmichael Coaching

Totally unique.

SYNOPSIS: Chris Carmichael on speed-dial. Working directly with Chris means all the resources and expertise of CTS are available to you. Chris only works with 2-3 athletes at a time, and these packages are available by interview only.


What do you get?

You’ll get a training plan hand-built by Chris Carmichael, a Premium TrainingPeaks account to log your workouts, power file analysis, schedule reviews and adjustments as needed, and a communication plan based on your preferences.

WHAT’s THE Result?

Chris Carmichael only knows how to coach one way: All-In. When you sign up for this coaching package, you get the commitment and attention top pros received. You have access to all the expertise, experience, and resources Chris has compiled in his 30-plus years as an athlete and coach.

You don’t need to be a pro. You don’t even need to be good. This isn’t about Chris adding a trophy to his case; it’s about giving you the best set of tools to maximize your potential – as a person and an athlete. It’s about uncompromising excellence and a proven history of unparalleled success.

What do other athletes Say?

“It’s not just the science that makes working with Chris so beneficial, it’s his unique perspective and wealth of experience. He’s a coach in the purest sense of the word; he’s able to guide you and inspire you to performances beyond what you think you’re capable of.” – Mike D. (cyclist, CTS Athlete 2009-2011)

Working with CTS

When you work with CTS you have a team working for you. Interested in a camp? Want a power meter? Have a billing question? Not clicking with your coach? Athlete Services handles all of that, and more. Call 866-355-0645 between 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday or email

Package Details

  • Hand-built training schedule
  • Full suite of CTS Nutrition and Testing Services
  • Private training camps with Chris 
  • Expert analysis of power files, heart rate files, and/or GPS training files
  • Communication plan can include phone, email, text, TrainingPeaks Premium Account, and web services like Skype.
  • Learn techniques and strategies for optimal performance


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