Jason Siegle

About Me

I’ve been a full time coach for the last 3 years and racing, riding and being outdoors all my life. I have a BS in Kinesiology from California State University Fullerton and currently race as a Pro both in mountain biking and cyclocross. I consider myself a nerd when it comes to cycling and science. I read just about everything I can get my hands about the sport from daily race news to the latest and greatest sports science and tech advances.  This is something I do daily and am passionate about just like I am with coaching and riding.


As a full-time coach I provide training plans and data analysis but it goes much deeper than that.   That is only part of the equation, and for most only a slice of it. You cannot separate training from the rest of your life and what I like to achieve is a balance that allows success on all fronts. I’ve worked with athletes from a number of different sports backgrounds and locations.  This includes working with a number of athletes that became state or national champions. I’m available for private camps, LT testing, bike fit, team camps, and am a regular in our local CTS Camps here in Santa Ynez.


Mountain biking, Cyclocross, Road racing, LT testing, Bike Fit, Race strategy, and sports nutrition.

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Residence: Solvang, CA

Certifications: USA Cycling Level 3 Coach

Coaching Level:

  • Expert

Sports Coached:

  • Road Cycling

Coaching Packages:

  • Select
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