Jane Marshall

About Me

I’ve been a full-time professional coach for nearly 9 years, and an endurance athlete for much longer. I have a BA in Biology from Whitman College, and I am a Pro Mountain bike racer focusing on Ultra Endurance racing. Currently my own training focuses on being fit for training camps and ultra-distance cycling events such as La Ruta and Leadville Trail 100. When I’m at home I’m happiest cooking, surfing, running, downhill skiing, reading and hanging out with my dog and boyfriend.


My goal as a coach is to understand each individual athlete and cater to their unique needs as a person and athlete. I find an athlete’s passion for the sport and build upon it. Though each athlete is unique I treat all athletes with equal respect, from the elite racer to recreation rider. I take into account each athlete’s individual personality, needs, goals, and dreams. I make the successful integration of training, nutrition, career, and lifestyle a top priority. My coaching education and experience means I’ve achieved success working with a wide range of athletes, including cyclists, mountain bikers, triathletes, Ironman triathletes, runners, hockey players, and a variety of other disciplines. I’m available for private training camps, physiological testing services at CTS locations, and I am regularly one of the coaches at CTS Training Camps.


In my role as a Pro Level CTS Coach, I’m an expert in personal coaching for cyclist, mountain bikers, runners and triathletes. I work training camps, private camps, LT/VO2 Testing, Bike Fit, Race Strategy, Race-day support crew, weight management, and nutrition strategy. I’m also very good at working with time crunched executives.

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Residence: Littleton, CO

Certifications: USA Cycling Level 2 Coach, USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach

Coaching Level:

  • Pro

Sports Coached:

  • Cyclocross
  • MTB
  • Road Cycling
  • Triathlon

Coaching Packages:

  • Premium
  • Ultimate
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