Clayton Feldman

About Me

As an Expert Level Coach I began working with CTS in June of 2011. Though I have been an athlete my entire life, I didn’t start in endurance athletics at a young age. Through High School I was a more “traditional” athlete competing as a power lifter, football, basketball, and track athlete.  Through focused training and hard work I found myself tipping the scales at over 250 lbs.

When I enrolled at Indiana University I fell in love in endurance athletics, dropped a considerable amount of weight, and raced in The Little Five Hundred. I found a great amount of success as I was able to become the first person in 29 years to win 3 races in a row.  Upon completing my B.S. in Exercise Science at Indiana University, with significant experience in Human Performance/Research Labs, I moved West to work with the best coaches in the business at CTS.


As a coach I feel that I offer services that are as unique as the athletes we train.  Anyone can build a training plan, however a true professional coach is able to understand their core needs of their athlete.  The ability to read into the lives of my athletes allows me to ensure we are making progress at the fastest possible rate.  Every athlete is different and every day is different, my goal is to make your goal a possibility. I like to be in the business of making dreams, reality.


As a coach, I feel like I can prepare any athlete for their goal. Though the very specific demands of a Cycling Road Race are not the same as the specifics of a two man wheelbarrow race, I can help you achieve your goals in either.  From the most technical details, to the overarching principals that guide the science of training, I enjoy applying both to any athlete.  Lab Tests, Bike Fits, Power File Reviews, Building Schedules, and Reviewing Results, I can do whatever is necessary to shorter the distance you need to go to achieve your goals.  If it will make you a better athlete, I will make sure it gets done.

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Residence: Colorado Springs, CO

Certifications: USA Cycling Level 2 Coach

Coaching Level:

  • Senior

Sports Coached:

  • Endurance Sports
  • Road Cycling
  • Running
  • Triathlon

Coaching Packages:

  • Platinum
  • Premium
  • Ultimate
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