Training Essentials for Ultrarunning

How to Train Smarter, Race Faster, and Maximize Your Ultra Performance

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2017 Ultrarunning Camps

Memorial Day High-Altitude Ultrarunning Camp – May 26-29, 2017

Coach Koop’s High Altitude Ultrarunning Camp – July 18-23, 2017



About the Book

Ultramarathons are not just longer marathons, and you can’t train for them by simply doing more running. Ultrarunning presents unique training and nutrition challenges and requires a totally new approach to preparation.

KOOP_300x250_titleTraining Essentials for Ultrarunning is your best guide to preparing for ultramarathon. Unlike so many “it worked for me” training books, Coach Jason Koop’s proven program and guidance are based on sound sports science, the most current research, and years of experience coaching the sport’s star runners to podium performances.


What You’ll Gain:

  • The science behind maximizing ultramarathon performance.
  • Common ultramarathon failure points, and how to fix them.
  • How to use interval training to focus workload, make bigger improvements, reduce injury risk, and race faster and smarter.
  • Simple and effective fueling and hydration strategies.
  • The A.D.A.P.T. method of working through a race day crisis.
  • How to plan your season for ultimate success.
  • Course-by-course coaching guide to North American Ultras
  • How to boost your chances of reaching your goal, whether that’s finishing or winning!


A revolution is coming to ultrarunning as ultramarathoners shed old habits and embrace the smarter methods that science and experience show are better. Featuring stories and advice from ultrarunning stars Dakota Jones, Kaci Lickteig, Dylan Bowman, Timothy Olson, and others who work with Jason Koop, Training Essentials for Ultrarunning is the go-to guide for first-time ultrarunners and competitive ultramarathoners.



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5:50 – 9:00 min Coaching Philosophy
33:00 – 34:55 min Workouts
1:14:20 – 1:17:15 min Workouts and Season Structure

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About Jason Koop

Koop walks the walk – or runs the run as the case may be – when it comes to ultras. His journey from a cross-country runner at Texas A&M to ultra coach started with a post-graduation internship at CTS in the summer of 2001. A runner in a company of predominantly cycling coaches, Koop was quickly drafted and trained to be the company’s lead running coach. In 2006 Jason traveled around the US coaching and supporting Dean Karnazes as the “Ultramarathon Man” ran 50 marathons in 50 States in 50 days. Karnazes again tapped Koop’s expertise in 2011 for “Regis and Kelly’s Run Across America with Dean Karnazes”, a nearly 3,000-mile cross-country run.

As the Director of Coaching for CTS, Jason coaches runners, cyclists, and triathletes in his role as a CTS Premier Coach. He also oversees the recruitment, education, and ongoing evaluation of more than 30 full-time endurance coaches and has developed CTS’ Quality Assurance system for coaching as well as the CTS Coaching College. His personal ultrarunning resume includes, two top-10 finishes at the Leadville Trail 100 Run and finishes at some of ultrarunning’s most formidable events, including the Western States Endurance Run, the Badwater 135, the Wasatch 100, and Hardrock 100.


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