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Interval Training: Knowing When Enough is Enough

  It is crucially important for an athlete to know when enough is enough. And that holds true whether you’re talking about completing one more interval in today’s workout, or deciding whether you need an extra day of recovery after a hard workout or race. I wrote about this in “The Time-Crunched Cyclist “, and…

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Truth or Myth: Are Ice Baths and Antioxidants Great for Recovery?

Over the past two weeks I have used this blog to discuss myths related to post-exercise recovery, including endurance athletes’ over-emphasis on protein supplementation and whether or not elevating your legs will enhance recovery. This week we’re going to talk about two more recovery methods: ice baths and antioxidants. Do Ice Baths Work? For many…

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Truth or Myth: You Should Elevate Your Legs for Post-Workout Recovery

Last weekend’s article on the top 3 myths about post-workout protein and recovery started a lot of discussions between our athletes and their coaches. Those conversations revealed even more myths that people still believe about post-workout recovery. This week let’s look at the age-old idea of elevating your legs after workouts. Truth or Myth: You…

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