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Tips for Training the Ultrarunning Brain

  By David Henry, CTS Ultrarunning Coach I’ve been thinking a lot about assets and, in particular, what asset is most valuable for an ultrarunner. Is it a super-high V02 max, superior pace at lactate threshold, incredible running economy or some other metric? Those are nice, but in the end, really nothing holds quite the…

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The Key to Being Extraordinary

As sports fans we’re accustomed to witnessing extraordinary performances across the entire spectrum of sports. But all those highlight reels are a double-edged sword. On one hand, highlight reels are inspirational. Many riders go out after watching an amazing cycling race like the Tour of Flanders, a stage of the Amgen Tour of California, or…

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Does Perfectionism Help or Hurt Endurance Training?

At CTS, we coach a wide variety of athletes with an even wider range of personalities. Some athletes derive value from the feelings and sensations of being fit. Others can only perceive the value of training by analyzing every bit of data they generate. Endurance sports are a good place for the more obsessive among…

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