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Coaching Offer

New Year Weight Loss Special

Drop Your Holiday Weight and Get fast for ’15!

In January all new CTS Coaching signups include complimentary Nutrition Services to get you on track fast!

Losing weight and gaining power are the top two goals everyone has in January. We have you covered.

What you get:

  • Full-service CTS Coaching Package
  • Dietary Recall to get an accurate picture of where you are right now.
  • Calorie Goals and Nutrition Recommendations to achieve your weight loss goals
  • Consult with Registered Dietitian to explain your Dietary Recall, walk you through the recommendations, and answer your questions.
  • Focused check-ins with your CTS Coach on the integration of your training and weight loss goals.

What you can expect:

  • Lose 10 pounds in the first 3 months of coaching.*
  • Gain 10% in sustainable power (cycling) or pace (running).*
  • 17% increase in power-to-weight ratio!*
  • Accountability: Research has convincingly shown that accountability is critical to successful weight loss programs. Not only does accountability increase day-to-day compliance but it also keeps you engaged longer than DIY programs.
  • Integration: You’re an athlete, not a model, so improving performance is as important as losing weight. Your coach will keep you focused on your weight loss goals while also making sure you have the energy for high-quality workouts and optimal recovery.

* Average results for new CTS Athletes, but you’re above average so you’ll do even better!

To Redeem This Offer:

  1. Choose any CTS Coaching Package
  2. Sign up online, OR
  3. Call 866-355-0645 x120, OR
  4. Contact Athlete Services inquire about coaching.
Offer Expires: January 31, 2015

CTS Member Perks Program

Great deals on superior products from our industry partners

CTS Athletes have access to huge savings from many of our endurance industry partners, including OSMO, PROBAR, Smith Optics, and more. Contact Athlete Services to receive specific links and codes, as well as your unique registration code to Promotive.com, where you’ll have access to deals from dozens of brands.

  • OSMO Nutrition: CTS Athletes save 30%.
  • PROBAR: CTS Athletes save 40%.
  • Smith Optics: Contact Athlete Services for savings amount and code