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hypoxicologoWhy Hypoxico?

Hypoxico is the world leader in artificial altitude environments and equipment. CTS has been integrating Hypoxico systems into athletes’ training plans for more than a decade, and we’ve helped Olympians and World Champions utilize altitude training for winning performances!

We believe in altitude, just like we believe in the science of training with power. But knowing how and when to use the tools is the key to making the biggest gains. That’s why you can buy or rent a Hypoxico system from CTS and why we recommend combining a coaching package or altitude consult with your purchase.


Option 1: Sleep System – $3995

Includes the Everest Summit II altitude generator and the Queen Deluxe Tent. Quieter than ever, with more room and clear visibility than ever. Sleep at up to 12,500 feet (or 21,000 feet with additional adapter).

Best option for athletes who will be competing or participating in events at altitudes above 5,000 feet. Great option for increasing oxygen-carrying capacity for any athlete.

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hypoxico exercise mask

Option 2: Exercise System – $3995

Universal Circuit Kit, Exercise Mask, and Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. The Exercise system enables you to exercise while breathing a reduced-oxygen (hypoxic) air mixture.

Great option for athletes looking to experience what training or competing at altitude will feel like. Good for learning high-altitude pacing.

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Option 3: Combination System – $4300

Includes all the equipment from Options 1 and 2. Great option for the athlete who is looking for the most comprehensive altitude training setup.

Option 4: “The Works” Package – $4600

“The Works” Package includes everything in the Sleep and Exercise packages and adds the High Altitude Adapter and Handi O2 Monitor as well.

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hypoxico altitude training systems

Option 5: Rent a System – $175/week

Before you invest in a system, take the opportunity to try it out. You can rent a Hypoxico Altitude Training System for as little as $175/week! This can also be a great short-term option for an athlete preparing for a high-country endurance event like the Leadville 100 or Breck Epic.

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“I love my altitude tent, and what I love even more is working with a CTS Coach who knows how and when to use it!” – Mark S.

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