Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon 4-Month Coaching Package

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Step 1

Sign up for just $1 below and then we’ll connect with you to get to know you and discuss your goals for your upcoming event. We’ll then hand-select which CTS professional coach is the best match and well suited for your unique goals.


Step 2

Your new coach will get in contact with you to develop an event day strategy and create a custom training plan based on your specific needs, lifestyle, and schedule. Don’t worry if you don’t have a ton of extra time to train, our coaches specialize in working with time-crunched athletes. 


Step 3

Your personal CTS Coach will continually adjust your training program based on your needs, ensure you’re progressing from workout to workout, keep you motivated, and help dial in your performance nutrition strategy.

What You’ll Get

Your coach personally builds and adjusts your training plan, and analyzes your data, but the training plan and analysis are only part of the experience. Coaching is about communicating, educating, and building a relationship with an athlete. Your coach will guide you and push you to achieve more than you believe you can, and see you through the rough patches along the way. Our coaches are experts in the endurance sports industry and are dedicated to seeing you exceed faster than you ever thought was possible. 

✓  Work With a CTS Expert Coach
✓  Custom Built Training Program
✓  Weekly Communication
✓  Training Plan Adjustments
✓  Expert Workout Analysis
✓  TrainingPeaks Premium Account
✓  Event Day Planning and Strategy
✓  Develop Performance Nutrition Strategy
✓  Athlete Perks – Pro Deals From Our Partners
✓  Discount on CTS Camps

Get Started for Just $1

Your first month of coaching is only $1 and then months 2-4 are only $205/month. Don’t worry, if you decide within the first month that coaching is not for you there’s no obligation to continue.

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