Empire State Ride Coaching

What’s Included In Your Coaching package

Get your first month of coaching for $1 and take advantage of a full-service Select Level, CTS coaching to help you prepare for the Empire State Ride. Work with a professional CTS coach during this special coaching package and benefit from frequent personal communicaHon, hand-built training, data analysis, nutrition and pacing strategies and the personal guidance you’ll need to be completely ready for the Empire State Ride. This unique plan was structured specifically for you to get ready for this event. The standard CTS Coaching package offer is a 6 – 12-month obligation. This is your chance to experience the results without the long-term commitment unless you choose to stay with CTS after the event, and most do!

When you sign up for the CTS Empire State Ride, Event Prep Plan *4 months or more in advance of the July 30th event, you will receive your 1st month for $1.00, we will waive the $39.00 Registration Fee and the following months for just $199.00 per month.

*If signing up for coaching within less than 4 months until the event, the rate will Be $199.00/ month, with no 1st Month Free.


Special Pricing For Empire State Ride Participants

First Month for $1 and Just $199/Month After

$0 Registration Fee


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Give Us a Call At: 866.355.0645

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