Platinum Coaching

Our most customized coaching option.


SYNOPSIS: Typically reserved for high-profile athletes, celebrities, and high-level executives, Platinum coaching essentially means having your CTS Coach “on call”. These packages are completely customizable to fit unconventional personal and professional schedules and are perfect for athletes who lead demanding lifestyles.


What do you get?

You get the works. Of course that includes a hand-built training plan built by one of our Premier coaches, delivered through a Premium TrainingPeak account. All of our Nutrition Services are included. Your coach will analyze your training files, adjust your schedule as often as needed, and you’ll receive our top level of responsiveness. You can attend a CTS Climbing Camp each year and utilize up to 7 days of Private Camp services – anywhere – with your coach each year.

WHAT’s THE Result?

Platinum-level coaching delivers the advantage you’re looking for, whether you’re striving to be the best in the world, the best you’ve ever been, or both. Structured training and the accountability from one of the world’s top endurance coach will measurably improve your fitness within 90 days, and that’s just the start. CTS Premier Coaches are leading experts in altitude training, hydration and nutrition strategies, aerodynamics, and heat acclimatization. If it can be optimized, it will be.


There are some serious perks to being a CTS Athlete. Not only will you achieve your sporting goals, but you have access to thousands of dollars in savings on incredible gear, including bikes, components, apparel, and sports nutrition. Discover CTS Athlete Perks.

What do other athletes Say?

“Working with the best coach means getting the best advice, not just the best science. And that gives me confidence. When [my coach] says I can do it, I believe it.” – Pavel K. (cyclist, CTS Athlete since Spring 2005)

Working with CTS

When you work with CTS you have a team working for you. Interested in a camp? Want a power meter? Have a billing question? Not clicking with your coach? Athlete Services handles all of that, and more. Call 866-355-0645 between 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday or email

Package Details

  • Hand-built training schedule
  • Experienced and certified CTS Premier Coach
  • Analysis of all power files, heart rate files, and/or GPS training files
  • Unlimited communication plan that can include phone, email, text, TrainingPeaks Premium Account, and web services like Skype.
  • Up to 7 days of Private Camp service, anywhere.
  • One Climbing Camp each year
  • All Nutrition Services included
  • Learn techniques and strategies for optimal performance
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