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Five full-service coaching packages to meet your needs.

CTS coaching packages deliver tremendous value at all service levels. All packages feature hand-crafted training plans, frequent communication using whatever method you prefer, and schedule adjustments to keep you on track. But what makes CTS special is our people; you’ll have the opportunity to build a strong relationship with an expert who only wants to see you succeed.

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Choosing the right package

We’re here to help you find the combination of service, expertise, and price that works best for you. And we’re good at it: after the first month, 95% of all new CTS Athletes report feeling like they’re in the right package – and with the right coach – for them.

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About CTS Coach Levels

There are 4 levels of CTS Coaches: Expert, Senior, Pro, and Premier. Coaches advance by meeting rigorous requirements that incorporate continuing education, experience, mentorship, athlete results, customer service, and more.

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What’s the difference?

Like most services, we include more features at higher package levels. But the most valuable feature is the coach. Responsiveness and expertise are the things that change the most between packages. As you move up in package level you get more of both.

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Additional Benefits and options

CTS Athlete Perks

Every year CTS Athletes save thousands of dollars on bikes, components, apparel, and sports nutrition products through the CTS Athlete Perks Program. In fact, you can save more money than you spend on CTS Coaching in a year! No other coaching company can offer a partner program that delivers this much value!

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MyTimeline Coaching Packages

Simply put, we’ve incorporated up to three months of reduced-service/reduced-fee coaching into Select-, Premium-, and Ultimate-level coaching packages to give you the flexibility to better integrate coaching with your athletic goals and your lifestyle.

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Power Meter Packages

We don’t want you to have to choose between working with a coach and buying a power meter, so we’ve made it easier to have both! Purchase your SRM or PowerTap power meter from CTS and take advantage of our 6- or 12-month no-interest, no-fee payment plan!

Available at all coaching package levels and the complete line of SRM and PowerTap power meters. Rules and Restrictions apply. Register with Athlete Services at 866-355-0645 or Contact Us.

Club and Team Coaching

Reasons your Club or Race Team Should be Coached by CTS

  • You’re pursuing similar goals: Whether it’s a regional century, triathlon, or race series, your working toward a common goal.
  • You’re already training together: Coordinating your training elevates the effectiveness of everyone’s workouts.
  • You can save a lot of money: Individual club/team members save more than $100/month off individual CTS Coaching packages.

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