CTS Athlete Perks

Partner Offers and Discounts available only to CTS-coached Athletes

In addition to delivering world-class coaching service and expertise, we are proud to deliver serious savings on the partner products we use and recommend. You can save thousands of dollars using your CTS Athlete Perks, and many CTS Athletes already have! In fact, you can save more money with these deals than you’ll pay for a full year of CTS Coaching! Scroll down to view current CTS Athlete Perks.

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CTS Athlete-Only Deal on Pinarello!

Pinarello road bikes are the pinnacle of beauty and performance. CTS-coached athletes can save up to $1500 on a Pinarello frame and finish the bike with a custom build kit (optional) through selected dealers.


CTS Athletes Save Thousands on Niner Bikes!

CTS Coaches and CTS Athletes like 4x World Champion Rebecca Rusch and 2x Dirty Kanza 200 Champion Amanda Nauman ride to victory on Niner mountain and gravel bikes. CTS-coached athletes can join them and save thousands of dollars on their purchase of a Niner.


Save 25% on Giordana Apparel!

With more than 35 years experience designing top-quality cycling apparel, Giordana’s Italian craftsmanship comes through in every garment they produce. It’s time to step up to comfortable, durable, and innovative cycling clothing, and CTS Athletes save 25% on apparel from Giordanacycling.com.


P1 Pedals, C1 Chainrings, and Exclusive Wheelsets Available!

CTS Athletes have access to exclusive pricing on P1 Pedals, C1 Chainrings, Alloy G3 wheelsets, and a GS AMP Carbon Wheelset that is built exclusively for CTS. Rim depths 35/35, 35/50, and 50/50mm available on the AMP Carbon wheelsets. These wheelsets are not available anywhere else.

Wahoo Fitness

Buy a KICKR Smart Trainer, Get $120 Coaching Account Credit!

Wahoo Fitness makes the most advanced indoor trainers on the market and the only trainers we use in our training centers. CTS Athletes who purchase a Wahoo KICKR through the Athlete Perks Program save $120 through a $120 credit on their coaching accounts. Athletes who purchase a Wahoo KICKR SNAP trainer will receive an $69 coaching account credit.

Bonk Breaker

20% OFF Bonk Breaker Nutrition

Save on your sports nutrition needs with 20% Off the entire line of Bonk Breaker products. The best bars you’ve ever tasted, a simple and effective sports drink made with real fruit, and chews with just the right chewiness! CTS Athletes receive a special code for use at bonkbreaker.com.


30% Off Bike Bags and Technical Packs!

EVOC packs are what CTS Coaches and Athletes use during CTS Bucket List events, and now CTS-coached athletes can get 30% Off on top-of-the-line bike bags, hydration packs, and technical backpacks. If you’re not a coached athlete but you come to a CTS Camp, you still get a purchase incentive on an EVOC bike bag!


Pro-level Deals on Incredible Products!

When you sign up as a CTS Athlete you get access to an Experticity.com account. When you log into your account you can directly purchase products from a huge selection of brands at industry/pro-level prices. If you are a CTS Athlete and need your code re-sent to you, please contact Athlete Services.


25% OFF Barfly Products!

CTS Athletes receive a special code for use at Barflybike.com.


Special Discount on Normatec Products!

Log into CTS Athlete Perks to see exclusive pricing on Normatec PULSE Recovery System.

CTS Apparel

Discount on CTS Apparel

Log into CTS Athlete Perks to take advantage of CTS Athlete-only prices.

HB Mustache

Save 25% on Handlebar Mustache Gear

Log into CTS Athlete Perks to get a 25% discount off socks, shirts,  and more from Handlebar Mustache.

Groove Auto

Exclusive Pricing and more on Subaru, Ford, Mazda, and Toyota!

CTS Athletes have access to exclusive pricing, door-to-door delivery, and more through Groove Auto Group’s Inner Circle program. Groove Auto operates dealerships for Subaru, Ford, Mazda, and Toyota/Scion in Denver, Colorado.



SDG Saddles are what our CTS Coaches ride, and now CTS Athletes have access to exclusive SDG pricing.


40% Off ESIgrips.com Products!

ESI Grips are perfect for Road, Cyclocross or Triathlon riders, especially riders looking for extra shock absorption and comfort compared to a normal bar tape. CTS Athletes save 40% on all ESIgrips.com products.


30% Off gq-6.com Products!

The GQ-6 line of products was designed specifically to meet the hydration, pre-workout, endurance and recovery needs of all active people, regardless of their sport or ability level.. CTS Athletes save 30% on gq-6.com products.


20% Off All Products

Only EDGE is clinically proven to reduce lactic acid buildup during your workouts which allows you to train harder for longer. After your workouts, EDGE helps your muscles recover faster, giving you fresher limbs the next day. Learn More Here

Arundel Bicycle Company

20% Off Bottle Cages & Seat Bags

The goal of the Arundel Bike Company (as grandiose as it is…) is simple: come up with some cool bike equipment that people want to buy. Learn more here.

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