Private Camps

Let us build exactly what you're looking for.

Private camps are the perfect solution for athletes who want to focus on some very specific skills or areas of performance. Or you have your own group of friends and you want a camp built just for your group. Private camps are a time-efficient and economical way to create an unparalleled athletic experience and move your training and fitness to the next level.

How Do Private Camps work?

Private camps start with a blank sheet of paper and a phone call. We listen to what you want to accomplish, where you want your camp to be held, and who you want to work with. If you don’t know exactly what you want, that’s great. We’ll use our 15 years of experience to help you design a great experience.

Need some inspiration? Scroll down and check out a few examples of previous private camps.

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Camp Experiences we’ve created


Endurance Prep Camp

CTS Athlete John B. was preparing for ultra-endurance events, including a multi-day cycling tour and Ironman Arizona. We designed an early-spring high-mileage training camp for him in Florida, including full support, route mapping, and a coach on the road.

Mountain Bike Skills and Endurance Camp

Steve R. wanted to escape winter and ride big miles on Arizona singletrack. We designed a private camp for Steve and four of his friends that included long miles on beautiful singletrack, coaching sessions to improve technical skills, full support during and after each ride, and complete hydration & nutrition support.


Grand Tour Private Camp

Whether you want to experience the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, or Vuelta a Espana, CTS has the connections and the experience to make your dream a reality. Ride the routes you want to ride, with pro-level support and luxury accommodations. Also available for Spring Classics.



Private Climbing & Descending Camp

Jerry and Cindy B. love cycling together but Jerry wanted to go uphill faster and Cindy really wanted to gain confidence going downhill. For them we designed a camp that honed in directly on the workouts and skills Jerry needed to improve his climbing – as well as nutritional consult to help him lose weight. Cindy had a 3D Bike fit to modify how her weight was distributed on the bike, and then she worked one-on-one with a coach who taught her to feel safe and confident going downhill.

Aerodynamic Testing Camp

We’ve designed aero camps utilizing the A2 Wind Tunnel in North Carolina, the San Diego Wind Tunnel in California, and several other testing facilities. We’ve also paired wind tunnel testing with velodrome testing to validate the adjustments made in the tunnel. The CTS Coaches available for aero testing camps have worked with Ironman World Champions and UCI ProTour riders and teams.



Shop/Club/Team Camp

The Houstonian Country Club in Houston, Texas contacted CTS to design a custom cycling camp for some of their members who were active cyclists. We worked with a local bike shop to provide mechanic and logistics support and brought in CTS Coaches to deliver a great weekend of instruction. CTS has also designed team camps for competitive cycling teams, including motorpacing, strategy drills, and physiological testing.

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