2016 Dirty Kanza 200

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The Dirty Kanza 200 is the hidden gem of endurance races in the US. It’s 200 miles of hilly gravel roads in the Flint Hills regions of Kansas, and if you think Kansas is flat and barren you are sorely mistaken. This race is beautiful, remote, and incredibly difficult. In 2016 the race is on Saturday, June 4. Our team will gather on Thursday afternoon for registration, meet for a pre-ride, dinner, and final prep-talk on Friday, race together on Saturday, and celebrate at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday!

You will ride for miles without seeing another person – and even further without seeing a car or a source of water and food. The weather could be beautiful, or you could get caught in one of Kansas’ famous thunderstorms (remember Dorothy and Toto?).

The winners in Kanza finish in 11-12 hours. Some people take up to 19 hours to reach the finish line. You have to carry lights so you can navigate your way to the finish after dark. And you’ll only know the route by the maps you pick up at each aid station. The challenge of Dirty Kanza is measured on a totally different scale from 24 Hour racing, 100-mile mountain bike racing, or even randonée or brevet competitions.

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This race cannot be done without a support crew, and CTS has the best race-day support crew you’ll ever find. We’ll be your information hub before the race, your crew on race day, and we’ll take care of you when you’re done. Athletes supported by CTS consistently beat the finisher rates at the hardest races, including Leadville, La Ruta, and Trans Andes. You want to have a great day playing in the gravel in Kansas? Then you need to be there with us.

  • You’ll pre-ride sections of the course on Friday with experienced Dirty Kanza veterans!
  • You’ll join us for a pre-race dinner, including informative presentations on race-day tips, pacing, nutrition, hydration, and more.
  • On race-day we’ll provide on-course nutrition from Bonk Breaker!
  • You’ll have professional mechanics working on your bike during and between rides, and on race day!
  • You’ll get a free CTS Cycling Jersey included with your registration! You’ll need to wear the jersey on race day so we can see you coming at the aid stations!
  • We’ll be your crew at all Dirty Kanza Official Checkpoints, and we’ll come get you if you have to drop out (the race organization will not rescue you.)


  • Race the Dirty Kanza 200 with CTS Coaches
  • Pre-ride parts of the Dirty Kanza course with CTS Coaches and former Kanza winners.
  • Professional CTS Race Support Crew will be your crew for the race.
  • Professional mechanics
  • Complete Sports Nutrition Support
  • CTS Cycling Jersey
  • 2 Dinners
  • Entries into Dirty Kanza 200 are available through CTS!


“Whether you finish first or last, you’ll be a changed person by the end of the Dirty Kanza 200!” – Rebecca Rusch, CTS Athlete & DK200 Champion

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  • Kansas

Date: June 02-05, 2016

Price: $1200.00

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CTS Insight:

200 miles in Kansas probably sounds boring, but the KD200 is anything but. The terrain and distance keep you on your toes, and the rolling grasslands are stunningly remote and beautiful. Definitely a race worthy of the Bucket List!

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Event Details


  • $1200
  • Deposit of $300 is due upon registration.
  • For information please contact Athlete Services at athleteservices@trainright.com or 1-866-355-0645


  • Pre-event coaching is available.
  • Pre-event private camps are available.
  • Contact Athlete Services for more information.


If you have to cancel for any reason, your deposit and additional fees depending on your cancellation date will not be refunded. Exceptions to this policy will not be made for any reason, including weather or personal emergencies and balances cannot be transferred. For the purposes of this cancellation policy below, [camp] refers the Dirty Kanza 200 Bucket List Event.

  • Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable
  • 31-60 days prior: Cancellation Fee of 75% of original camp price
  • 0-30 days prior: Cancellation fee of 100% of original camp price
  • ​There are no discounts, refunds or exchanges associated with a Member skipping or missing any portion of a camp and/or class including, without limitation, meals, lectures or rides.
  • CTS reserves the right to cancel a camp and/or class at any time. In this event, Member will be issued a full refund for the camp and/or class registration fee. CTS is not responsible for expenses associated with planning Member’s trip including, without limitation, airfare, lodging, meals, transportation, etc., (collectively, “Member Expenses”) to attend any camp and/or class.
  • Camp will be conducted based on the schedule posted prior to the camp, but CTS reserves the right to modify the camp schedule based on, without limitation, weather and the number or skill level of athletes in attendance.
  • All fees will be applied to the camp and/or class for which you are registered. If you have to cancel for any reason, your deposit and all subsequent payments will be applied to the camp and/or class for which you have registered and cannot be transferred to an alternate camp and/or class or any other Service or product offered by CTS.
  • For information please contact Athlete Services at athleteservices@trainright.com or 1-866-355-0645
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