Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-19

  • Nice work! RT @jasonkoop: #LT100 run #4 in the books. Not my best day, gutted it out thanks to my awesome wife. Also my 10th 100 mile finish #
  • Congrats to CTS Coach Jason Koop on finishing the Leadville 100 Run in 25th place overall! It's especially… #
  • Good luck to CTS Athlete @kcarlsenjr, enjoying a coffee couple days before @USAProChallenge @teamexergy #
  • Yeah! Nice work! RT coach @andyapplegate: CTS athlete Cameron Cogburn wins the infamous Mt Washington hillclimb with a sub 53 minute time ! #
  • Weekend Reading: Tips from the Pits – Lessons learned crewing the Leadville 100 #
  • Good luck to CTS Premier Coach and Coaching Director Jason Koop as he toes the start line of the Leadville 100… #
  • Workin hard! RT @ryantrebon: Was an 8 water bottle kind of day out today, HOT HOT HOT. Love riding in heat, not so keen on sleeping in it #
  • Be sure to stop by the CTS tent in the expo area at the finishes of @usaprocyclingchallenge stages. We'll be… #
  • This looks like a very interesting film. We're proud to be working with some of the best up-and-coming riders in… #
  • Chris was interviewed yesterday by KOAA 5 about Stage 5 of the upcoming USA Pro Cycling Challenge stage, which… #
  • From Chris Carmichael: "Saw this big guy going up Cheyenne Canon tonight, eating choke cherries!"

    Love it… #

  • Great! RT @eriqp: Uh! Today was physically, mentally tough & the thought in my head was Coach @StevenBrandes saying "toughen up buttercup!" #
  • Independently, each of the CTS Coaches getting ready for the CTS USA Pro Cycling Challenge Race Experience put… #
  • Four days until the CTS Bucket List Strava Challenge begins! Ride 683 miles between August 20-26, the same… #
  • It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of the people pictured in this NYT gallery are either… #
  • Check out this post from GU Energy Labs Chief Endurance Officer and CTS Athlete Brian Vaughan! He looked great at… #
  • Coming up in about 25 minutes (12-1pm Mountain Time), check out Chris Carmichael… #
  • Congrats to CTS Athlete and Radioshack-Nissan-Trek pro Ben Hermanns on his silver medal at the Belgian National… #
  • I posted a new photo to Facebook #
  • Results are in:

    121 CTS Athletes earned Leadville 100 Buckles in 2012, bringing our total to more than 600… #

  • Check out this product preview gallery of the 2013 Lazer Helmets line. CTS Coaches rely on Lazer Helmets to keep… #
  • As part of the @COSfiresale auction to support the Pikes Peak Red Cross and those affected by the Waldo Canyon… #
  • As part of the @COSfiresale auction to support the Pikes Peak Red Cross and those affected by the Waldo Canyon… #
  • From CTS Athlete Ambassador and now 4x Leadville 100 Champion Rebecca Rusch: "Thanks to you and ALL of the CTS… #
  • Hearing from some people that the CTS Bucket List Challenge is too hard. Hogwash. Some people are just too soft…. #
  • Announcing the 2013 CTS Epic Endurance Bucket List #

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