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Unlock Your Unique Genetic Data To Improve Performance, Optimize Nutrition, and Prevent Injury



EnduranceDNA provides specific genetic insights and actionable recommendations for cyclists, triathletes, runners, and omnisport endurance athletes that will help you train more effectively, improve nutrition, and prevent injury.

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How It Works

Unlock Genetic Data

The Helix DNA Kit will capture the information stored in your DNA to provide the specific EnduranceDNA genetic insights.

Review Insights With a Coach

Review your insights with a professional coach during a 30-minute consultation and learn how your genes affect your muscle fiber makeup, muscle strength, bone density, metabolism, injury risk, and much more. 

Improve Performance

Use this powerful information to individualize your training and nutrition and take your performance to the next level.

Turn Your Genetic Data Into Action

The personalized genetic insights you’ll discover will help you focus your training efforts and nutrition on the areas that will have the greatest impact on your fitness and health. Each trait will include actionable items specific to you and your sport. These insights can be applied to your training to enhance your performance, help you optimize nutrition, and reduce your risk of injury.

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DNA Insights

You will receive sport-specific insights and personalized recommendations for more than 20 different traits related to performance, Injury risk, and nutrition. Explore a few of the genetic insights you'll learn about below.

Genetic Trait


You likely already know whether you enjoy endurance sports and if you work hard and smart, you can always continue to improve. You also probably realize some people are more ‘gifted’ than others. Find out if you have certain genetic variants that are similar with elite endurance athletes.


It turns out that the metabolism of caffeine is controlled by your genes, and different versions of the gene have different abilities when it comes to metabolizing the molecule. Learn how your body is likely to be affected by caffeine intake.


Stress fracture can take up to eight weeks to recover from and cause serious disruptions to training. Find out if you have an increased risk of stress fractures and take preventive measure to safeguard yourself from injury.


How much sodium you lose is dependent on lots of factors, but for some individuals, low sodium levels can be due to DNA. Discover if you are more likely to have low sodium levels and use this information to optimize your hydration strategy.

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