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Improve your fitness faster with gamified workouts designed to maximize your time with integrated real-time feedback from CTS Coaches.

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How CTS Live Will Improve Your Performance


Live & On-Demand Classes: Access a wide range of cycling classes led by CTS Coaches, available live as well as on-demand, so you can train on your schedule.

Professional CTS Coaches: Train with the best in the business. Experienced CTS Coaches provide real-time guidance and feedback during every live class, ensuring you get the most out of your workouts.

Engaging Workouts: Tailored workouts designed for time-crunched cyclists, helping you make the most of every minute you spend training.

Interactive & Fun: Experience the thrill of gamified workouts that keep you engaged and motivated, turning every session into an exciting challenge.

Progress Tracking: Monitor your performance and track your progress over time, so you can see your improvements and stay motivated.

Community Support: Join a thriving community of like-minded cyclists, share your achievements, and stay connected with fellow CTS Live athletes in live and replay classes.

A Powerful Training Tool For All Your Goals

Perform in Events & Races

Improve Fitness & Health

Increase Power & Set PRs

Optimize Body Composition

An Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Platform

  • Join live, replay, or on-demand workouts that fit your goals
  • Visual display gives you real-time workout feedback and a gamified experience
  • Interact directly with CTS Coaches over video
  • Easily connect your trainer, devices, and sensors
  • Sync your workouts with apps like TrainingPeaks

Meet The Experienced CTS Coaches Leading Your Workouts

Renee Eastman Cycling Coach
Renee Eastman

CTS Premier Coach

Jim Rutberg

CTS Pro Coach

Caroline Mani post gravel race
Caroline Mani

CTS Expert Coach

Matt Freeman

CTS Expert Coach

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