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Noah Voyles

Expert Coach – Specializes in Cycling Coaching

“The single most important aspect that I find when coaching an athlete is communication. The biggest gains in fitness will be made whenever there is a strong athlete to coach relationship.”


Coach Bio:

My love for cycling began at the age of three as I started racing BMX in Louisville, Kentucky. During high school, I transitioned from BMX racing and playing football to road racing because of the appeal of endurance cycling.

Going into my first year of college at Indiana University, I joined a Little 500 cycling team which allowed me to fully engage within the sport. Shortly after joining the team I soon realized that I wanted to become a cycling coach because of the passion that I have for helping individuals grow on a physical and mental level.

I also began racing for a competitive road team where I was able to gain substantial experience in understanding the body’s physiological responses to training and racing. After four years at Indiana University, I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology specializing in health and fitness.

The summer after graduating from college, I began coaching for CTS in Santa Ynez, California. Although much of my time is committed to coaching and riding bikes, I also enjoy weight training, hiking, and watching football.


Buellton, California

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USA Cycling Level 3 Coach; Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology