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Colin Rice

I fell in love with road cycling quite early in life, throwing myself fully into road racing at the age of 15. When I started college at the University of Central Florida, studying exercise science while being immersed in racing as an elite amateur road cyclist was a natural fit.  I furthered my education with a Master’s in exercise physiology and gained valuable coaching experience as I developed strength and conditioning plans for track and field sprinters during this time. While cyclists and sprinters are two very different athletes, I knew that I really enjoyed helping athletes take a planned, scientific approach to their training, no matter the sport.

In addition to road riding/racing, my riding and racing experience has grown to include mountain bike and cyclocross disciplines. I believe that expanding my riding to include off-road riding and racing has helped raise my skill level significantly and has shaped me into a more well-rounded rider.

My personal approach to coaching is rooted in educating my athletes on their training plan development and purpose. I firmly believe that an athlete will take their training more seriously and approach each training session with vigor when they understand the point and the reasoning behind the training that their coach is assigning.


Orlando, FL

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MS Exercise Physiology USA Cycling Level 3 Coach Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach – NSCA