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Open Mic

Gallery and Caption Contest We hope you enjoyed the Open Mic podcast with Chris Carmichael and Mike Creed. Click any image for slideshow and captions. Caption the photo at the bottom of the post for a chance to win a spot at the CTS El Tour Endurance Camp in Tucson, Arizona from November 17-22, including…

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Weekend Reading: Use These Intervals to Unlock Your Speed!

Being a strong athlete and being a fast athlete are not necessarily the same thing. There are a lot of athletes who have great endurance and can maintain a hard and steady pace hour after hour. But a lot of times those strong athletes lack the punch for high-speed, high-intensity efforts. That’s why speed work…

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CTS Field Test Instructions and Training Intensity Calculations

The download link below will enable you to download a .pdf document containing: A detailed description of the CTS Field Test. Instructions for calculating you personal power and heart rate intensity ranges from your field test results. Detailed workout descriptions, including intensity ranges as power, heart rate, and rating of perceived exertion. Download “The Train…

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