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Cyclists Eat Too Much!

I’ve been a cyclist for a few years, and although I lost 15 pounds when I first started riding, I just can’t seem to lose the next 15 – despite riding about 10 hours a week. What gives? –          Mark R. – Milwaukee, WI I travel and participate in a lot of events, from charity…

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Chris Carmichael Blog: Too Much of Good Thing? Hardly.

Here’s the inevitable problem with citing research studies: you can almost always find a study that will “prove”, “indicate”, or “suggest” the exact opposite of the point you’re trying to make. And thus it was with great chagrin that I read the recent NY Times Blog “When exercise is too much of a good thing”….

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The Great Gluten Question: To go gluten-free or not?

By Ryan Kohler and Jim Rutberg To go or not to go, gluten-free that is. For many people that seems to be the question right now. We’ve all seen articles about gluten and fluten-free diets, and as a sports nutritionist, we get the question all the time – should I go gluten-free? Is it healthier,…

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