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Clearing Common Sports Nutrition Hurdles

By CTS Coaching Staff We spend a lot of my time counseling athletes on their nutrition choices during training and competition, especially as part of the “Race Day Nutrition Planning” service offered by CTS. After doing several hundred of these planning sessions with athletes, common threads have emerged. Some of the most common hurdles we…

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Chris Carmichael Blog: Too Much of Good Thing? Hardly.

Here’s the inevitable problem with citing research studies: you can almost always find a study that will “prove”, “indicate”, or “suggest” the exact opposite of the point you’re trying to make. And thus it was with great chagrin that I read the recent NY Times Blog “When exercise is too much of a good thing”….

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The Great Gluten Question: To go gluten-free or not?

By Ryan Kohler and Jim Rutberg To go or not to go, gluten-free that is. For many people that seems to be the question right now. We’ve all seen articles about gluten and fluten-free diets, and as a sports nutritionist, we get the question all the time – should I go gluten-free? Is it healthier,…

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