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How Detraining Works and 3 Steps to Avoid It

  Coaching is almost entirely about motivating and inspiring athletes, and there are a number of ways to accomplish that. Personally, I prefer to emphasize the positive by inspiring athletes to achieve lofty goals. Sometimes, however, athletes respond better to the desire to avoid negative consequences, like losing power, gaining weight, and getting slower. So,…

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How to Perform at Your Best in Every Decade

  By Chris Carmichael Just as in golf, when it comes to fitness and health you have to think about your short game and your long game. Getting out to exercise today or losing 10 pounds in the next three months is your short game; adding years to your life and – just as important…

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Weekend Reading: Mastering 3 Advanced Group Ride Skills

  Local group rides are the heart and soul of amateur cycling. These Saturday morning and Tuesday evening rides are where new riders learn to draft, where juniors cut their teeth, and where local bragging rights are earned. Most of all they are a ton of fun, without the pressure and expense of pinning on…

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