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How to Set Highly-Effective Goals

The Holidays are over! As much as love getting together with friends and family, having the kids home from school, and taking some time off from work, by January 1 I’m ready for the Holiday Season to be done. I love that refreshing feeling of starting a new year. The whole year is laid out…

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Fat Burning Myths That Hurt Cyclists and Triathletes

  With a few more pounds around our midsections thanks to the holidays, weight loss is a hot topic in January. And while many people start the new year with a “new” shortcut to shed pounds by Spring Break, smart athletes understand that a wise combination of nutrition and exercise will melt away those pounds….

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7 Mindfulness Tips Cyclists and Triathletes Need For 2016

By Paul Ruggiero, CTS Expert Coach   I promise this isn’t a New Year’s resolution article. I’m not even going to mention gyms or diets or Steve Harvey or Star Wars. That stuff is so 2015. Forty-five percent of Americans make resolutions and 88% of those resolutions end in failure. Let’s talk practical ideas to set…

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