2016 USA Pro Challenge Race Experience

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Join Chris Carmichael and a team of CTS Coaches for the most challenging days you’ll ever spend on your bike! The 2016 USA Pro Cycling Challenge (August 15-21, 2016) travels over some of the most beautiful and arduous terrain in the United States, including high-altitude mountain passes, deep river valleys and wide-open prairie. Exclusively available through our partnership with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to eat, sleep, ride, and live like a pro cyclist:

  • You’ll ride every stage just hours before the pros, and the CTS Team will only reach the finish line if we’re fast enough to stay ahead of the pros!
  • You’ll enjoy VIP Access to all Stage Finishes!
  • You’ll stay in the team hotels and dine with the pro teams after each stage!
  • You’ll have professional mechanics working on your bike during and between stages!
  • You’ll have professional soigneurs providing post-ride massage therapy!
  • You’ll get three (3) CTS Cycling Jerseys included with your registration!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime cycling experience with Chris Carmichael and CTS Coaches, and due to high demand we’re taking applications for riders who want to be selected for our 2015 USAPCC Team.


  • Ride every stage of the 2016 USA Pro Challenge (Aug 15-21) with Chris Carmichael and CTS Coaches
  • VIP Access to all USAPC Stage Finishes
  • Professional soigneurs
  • Daily post-ride massage
  • Professional mechanics
  • Bikes cleaned and tuned after each stage
  • Complete sports nutrition support including Bonk Breaker nutrition
  • All rides are fully supported
  • 3 CTS Jerseys
  • All lodging and ground transportation during USAPC
  • All meals included


“Just a quick note to express my appreciation and sincere ‘Thanks’ to all of you as we experienced the USA Pro Challenge together. Each and every one of you had an impact on what I personally brought back from that week, and I will cherish the memories that were created with you individually and collectively.” – Kurt H.

“What a week… very few things come close to perfect, but being a part of our “Team #17″ pretty much makes it on my list. :-)” – Heidi D.

“I miss our team, it is always this way whenever you are part of something really special. I LOVE MY BIKE! Thanks for making everything so fun, thanks for putting a big smile on my face.” – Bill W.

“Whatta Week! You guys ROCK! Your ability to keep great attitudes day after day is truly something to note. You rode strong and you rode smart. I’m so proud of you all!” – Carlie M. (soigneur)

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  • Colorado

Date: August 15-21, 2016

Price: $TBD


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CTS Insight:

This is as close as you'll ever get to living the pro cyclist lifestyle, and you'll come away with a whole new perspective on stage racing and your favorite pros!

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Event Details


  • $10,750
  • $3500 non-refundable deposit, due upon registration.
  • For information please contact Athlete Services at athleteservices@trainright.com or 1-866-355-0645


  • Pre-event coaching is available.
  • Pre-event private camps are available.
  • Contact Athlete Services for more information.


If you have to cancel for any reason, your deposit and additional fees depending on your cancellation date will not be refunded. Exceptions to this policy will not be made for any reason, including weather or personal emergencies and balances cannot be transferred. For the purposes of this cancellation policy below, [camp] refers the USAPCC Race Experience.

  • Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable
  • 31-60 days prior: Cancellation Fee of 75% of original camp price
  • 0-30 days prior: Cancellation fee of 100% of original camp price
  • ​There are no discounts, refunds or exchanges associated with a Member skipping or missing any portion of a camp and/or class including, without limitation, meals, lectures or rides.
  • CTS reserves the right to cancel a camp and/or class at any time. In this event, Member will be issued a full refund for the camp and/or class registration fee. CTS is not responsible for expenses associated with planning Member’s trip including, without limitation, airfare, lodging, meals, transportation, etc., (collectively, “Member Expenses”) to attend any camp and/or class.
  • Camp will be conducted based on the schedule posted prior to the camp, but CTS reserves the right to modify the camp schedule based on, without limitation, weather and the number or skill level of athletes in attendance.
  • All fees will be applied to the camp and/or class for which you are registered. If you have to cancel for any reason, your deposit and all subsequent payments will be applied to the camp and/or class for which you have registered and cannot be transferred to an alternate camp and/or class or any other Service or product offered by CTS.
  • For information please contact Athlete Services at athleteservices@trainright.com or 1-866-355-0645
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