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Winter Training Series: Sports Nutrition Tips for Cold Weather Workouts

  This is a great time of year to focus on the rider you want to be next season. We’ve already given you some advice on how to prep your bike for a harsh winter and how to dress for every condition, and now we are turning the focus to nutrition. However, in an effort…

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CTS December Cycling Challenge! Are You Up for It?

  Although I ventured out to walk the dog on Black Friday, I was holed up indoors most of the day because it was about 10 degrees outside and snowing. My hunch is that staying motivated to train through December is going to be pretty rough, so I’m issuing a challenge to myself and everyone…

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The 3 Best Sub-60 Minute Indoor Cycling Workouts

  By CTS Pro Coach Jim Rutberg Let’s face it; there are times when indoor training is a lot more convenient – and potentially more effective – than riding outdoors. As I’ve moved from being a bike racer with unlimited training time to a working parent and career professional I’ve learned to embrace indoor cycling…

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Football Coach Bill Curry’s “6 Characteristics of Champions”, Adapted for Endurance Sports

One of the best parts about being a coach is the opportunity to compare notes with other coaches. While all coaches are charged with optimally preparing athletes for competition, how you do that varies widely as you go from sport to sport. As a result, I have always found it enlightening to learn from coaches…

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The Best Winter Cycling Clothing Tips

By Reid Beloni, CTS Expert Coach I want to follow up on our previous tips on equipment for outdoor winter riding with some winter cycling clothing tips. Your equipment can help keep you dry and safe, and your clothing will keep you warm and comfortable. We don’t expect you to ride in a blizzard, but if…

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Normally I use this space to provide training tips or a recipe or something I think you will find useful in your pursuit of performance. I had an article ready to go for this morning, but the reports of another large-scale terrorist attack made it seem pretty trivial. I tend to “stay in my lane”…

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Survive and Thrive With These Winter Cycling Equipment Tips

  While I’m traveling in a very warm climate at the moment, there’s no denying winter is descending on the Northern Hemisphere and it’s time to get ready for cold-weather riding. CTS Coach Reid Beloni from our Brevard, North Carolina training center has a lot of experience with cold East Coast winters, so I asked him…

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Posted: November 6, 2015

Author: CTS

Categories: Blogs, Training

Not Your Mama’s Sweet Potatoes: Sweet Potato and Quinoa Skillet Cake

  In this recipe, sweet potatoes and quinoa come together to make a delicious skillet cake, or you can use the same recipe to make smaller patties to make sandwiches or wraps. Personally, we like the larger skillet-sized cake for this recipe because it’s extremely easy to make. Just mix the ingredients, heat a skillet and…

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9 Ways Your Ego Destroys Your Performance

    Having a healthy ego is a good thing. You take pride in your abilities, have a solid sense of who you are and your place in the world, and generally positive self-esteem. Ego plays a role in an athlete’s level of confidence. It can be a factor in helping you sign up for…

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The Proven CTS 9-Week Holiday Cycling Training Plan

Three Workouts, No Excuses. I talk with busy athletes juggling cycling goals with full-time careers and families pretty much every day, and when it comes right down to it you fall into two primary categories: those who figure out how to get it done, and those who rattle off a litany of circumstances that prevent…

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