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Weekend Reading: Thanksgiving Weekend Message

I hope you are all enjoying a safe and active Thanksgiving weekend, and that you got a chance to spend the holiday with your family and friends. Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday, not necessarily because of its historical beginnings but because it makes me remember big Thanksgiving family gatherings and look forward to more…

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Weekend Reading: A Special Challenge and Tips for Thanksgiving Week

It’s Thanksgiving Challenge time! I’ve been pleased to see this off-the-cuff idea from a few years ago starting to gain some momentum and I hope you’ll join me in using this holiday week for a great training block and spending time with family and friends. To go along with the challenge, I also have some…

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Why Every Workout Counts Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s

This is the time of year that defines an athlete. Anyone can get excited about going for a ride on a sunny, 75-degree day in the spring or summer. It takes quite a bit more dedication to bundle up and head out the door on a cold morning in November/December/January. And when the weather keeps…

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Weekend Reading: Side Effects May Include…

For the first time since the inception of the CTS Endurance Bucket List in 2010, I failed to reach the finish line of an event. Thirty of the 32 CTS Athletes who traveled to Costa Rica for La Ruta de los Conquistadores completed the race – a finisher rate of 94%, compared to the race’s…

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Posted: November 14, 2014

Author: CTS

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How Detraining Works and 3 Steps to Avoid It

  Coaching is almost entirely about motivating and inspiring athletes, and there are a number of ways to accomplish that. Personally, I prefer to emphasize the positive by inspiring athletes to achieve lofty goals. Sometimes, however, athletes respond better to the desire to avoid negative consequences, like losing power, gaining weight, and getting slower. So,…

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Weekend Reading: Workout and Tips to Holiday-Proof Your Training

  Since I’m in Costa Rica racing La Ruta de los Conquistadores, I’ve turned the Weekend Reading blog over to Jim Rutberg this weekend. Most of you know Rutty – as we call him around the office – as my co-author on “The Time-Crunched Cyclist”, “Time-Crunched Triathlete” and several other books. He’s also a Pro…

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How to Perform at Your Best in Every Decade

  By Chris Carmichael Just as in golf, when it comes to fitness and health you have to think about your short game and your long game. Getting out to exercise today or losing 10 pounds in the next three months is your short game; adding years to your life and – just as important…

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Weekend Reading: The Key to Making it to New Year’s Without Getting Fat

  Welcome to Fat Season! Let’s face it; the stretch from Halloween through New Year’s is a minefield of dietary indiscretions. It’s hard to avoid packing on an extra few pounds with everyone shoving high-sugar, high-fat foods in your face in the name of love. And to make matters worse, these months usually coincide with…

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Weekend Reading: 6 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday on Your Bicycle

  Yesterday was my 54th birthday, and I will be the first to acknowledge that I’m a very fortunate man. I have a wonderful family, a thriving business I’m passionate about, and I’m still enjoying cycling and endurance sports without any significant restrictions. One of the best parts of celebrating my birthday this year was…

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Open Mic

Gallery and Caption Contest We hope you enjoyed the Open Mic podcast with Chris Carmichael and Mike Creed. If you haven’t listened to it yet you can find it here or on iTunes. Then check out the gallery below and enter the contest! Click any image for slideshow and captions.

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