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Don’t Make These 6 Late-Summer Training Mistakes

  As we reach the final weekend of August the bulk of the summer is in the rearview mirror. And while there are athletes who have big events coming up in the next several weeks, many of you are wrapping up your summer season. You have trained long and hard to get here and I…

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5 Tips to Defeat Self-Doubt Before Your Event

  Two weeks before USA Pro Challenge I got dropped. It happened about 60 miles into a 70-mile “Coaches Meeting” ride, but the trouble started long before that. I felt fine and took some strong pulls in the first 90 minutes of the ride, but started feeling flat and empty not long after that. I…

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7 Things Cyclists Know to be True

  Last week we covered the very serious topic of whether decades of strenuous exercise could do your heart more harm than good. For a measure of balance, we’re going to go for something a bit lighter this week! I’ve been a cyclist for more than 40 years and the longer I ride the more…

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Wahoo Fitness Trainers Are Official Trainer Of Carmichael Training Systems

Cyclists will have opportunity to bundle CTS services with the purchase of a KICKR smart trainer (ATLANTA) Wahoo Fitness, the leading producer of smartphone connected cycle trainers and fitness wearables, has announced a partnership with endurance coaching company, Carmichael Training Systems (CTS). With the partnership, Wahoo will supply KICKR smart trainers and TICKR heart rate…

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What To Do and Not To Do in Aid Stations

  This is a big week for CTS Support Crews. We have athletes racing the Breck Epic MTB Stage Race in Breckenridge, and then this weekend we shift over to support a ton of CTS Athletes racing the Leadville 100 MTB Race. And then next week we head off the USA Pro Challenge Race Experience!…

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Will Endurance Training Kill You? Perspectives on Velonews’ “Cycling to Extremes” Article

  Last weekend I rode the 78-mile Copper Triangle event with my 11-year-old son, Connor. It was his longest ride ever, in mileage, elevation gain, and time on the bike. He did great and I loved sharing the experience and the day with him. As we both climbed Vail Pass with our hearts pounding away,…

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7 Secrets to Pre-Event Weight Loss

  By Jim Rutberg, CTS Pro Coach and co-author “The Time-Crunched Cyclist” Losing weight – or reaching your optimal weight – can have a profoundly positive impact on your performance. Being lighter with the same fitness improves your power-to-weight ratio, making you more competitive when the road or trail tips skyward. Weight loss improves economy…

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The 6 Keys to Great Training and Big Improvements

  There are a lot of athletes who do not train to win races. Many train because they enjoy being fit and performing at their best in non-competitive events like cycling tours, charity rides, or the local group ride. Still more train because of the role being fit and active and engaged in sport plays…

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Gut Check: 6 Strategies to Stop GI Distress from Ruining Your Event

  By Jason Koop, CTS Premier Coach and Ultradistance racer ‘This race will take all of the grit, guts and determination you have’. I can remember these words being belting out over the loudspeakers by Leadville Trail 100 race director Ken Chlouber in front of a packed gymnasium of nervous athletes. While Ken was most likely…

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Posted: July 29, 2015

Author: CTS

Categories: Nutrition

3 Steps to Preparing for Back-To-Back Events (or, Why the Giro-Tour Double is so hard!)

  One of the best things about having a staff of full-time coaches is the impromptu coaching round-table discussions we tend to have. This week we had an interesting discussion about the Giro d’Italia – Tour de France Double, or more broadly the attempt to win two back-to-back Grand Tours in a single season (Giro-Tour…

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