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6 Tips to Improve Your Climbing Performance

Pretty much every cyclist we talk to wants to go uphill faster. And while we spend a lot of time focused on increasing power output and reducing bodyweight, these two things only give you the capacity – the potential – to go faster uphill. Actually riding faster on a climb comes down to applying your…

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CTS December Cycling Challenge! Are You Up for It?

  Although I ventured out to walk the dog on Black Friday, I was holed up indoors most of the day because it was about 10 degrees outside and snowing. My hunch is that staying motivated to train through December is going to be pretty rough, so I’m issuing a challenge to myself and everyone…

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The 3 Best Sub-60 Minute Indoor Cycling Workouts

  By CTS Pro Coach Jim Rutberg Let’s face it; there are times when indoor training is a lot more convenient – and potentially more effective – than riding outdoors. As I’ve moved from being a bike racer with unlimited training time to a working parent and career professional I’ve learned to embrace indoor cycling…

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