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Get it Together with Brick Training

By Chris Carmichael and CTS Premier Coach Nick White Brick workouts. Most triathletes are familiar with these multi-discipline workouts, but too often, athletes only utilize brick workouts in the final preparation for racing. That’s unfortunate because using them throughout the year can be very beneficial to your triathlon-specific fitness.    Why do “Bricks” need to be…

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Athlete Blog: Talk Sports with Jesse Kurtz – Bottoms Up!

Jesse Kurtz, Sports Director for KKTV News in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is preparing to ride the 86-mile route of the Tour de Cure in Woodland Park, Colorado this May. We’ve decided to help Jesse prepare for the challenge, and he’s been coming in to the Endurance Sports Club at Carmichael Training Systems to ride the…

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In Memory of Jack Lalanne

Jack Lalanne was the genuine article. Once he discovered the benefits of training and nutrition as a teenager, he made it his life’s work to help others learn the path to better health through exercise and good nutrition. The man walked the walk, and no one was better at talking the talk. He was a…

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