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Chris Carmichael Blog: New Routes Offer New Challenges

Endurance athletes are creatures of habit. We ride, run, hike and traverse the same routes over and over again, sometimes for years on end. For the most part it’s a matter of necessity; we gravitate to the routes that are the safest, quickest, most fun, or simply those that are available. But if you’re finding…

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Tips to Having a Safe and Successful Charity Ride Experience

By Chris Carmichael I’ve talked to thousands of cyclists before they’ve embarked on challenging journeys, and in addition to questions about training, nutrition, and pacing, the subject of safety always comes up. And it should, because with thousands of cyclists on the roads together, riding safely is everyone’s responsibility. Despite the importance of rider safety,…

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Athlete Blog: Xterra West Champ Josiah Middaugh

Race Report: XTERRA West Championship The XTERRA race season is off to a good start with a win at the West Championship in Las Vegas today. I knew it would be tough to come out with a win this early in the season, but my winter preparation has been good. Las Vegas was under a…

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