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Shalini Zabaneh’s Race Recap: Stage Race in Belize

The Weekend of Racing looked a little like this: ·       Saturday 12 min TT/ 40 mile RR ·       Sunday 45 mile RR The TT (12 miles) went well too, I was 3rd out a minute apart and passed the other women….did 12 miles in 31mins, 23.25mph – that was sweet – lol!! This Saturday’s RR…

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12hrs of Temecula: Coach’s Report

A week post-race now, I find myself back in Colorado after a glorious week of traveling, training, and supporting, once again, for Pua Mata at one of her mountain bike races. This wasn’t another “winning is the only option” race, however. This one had a bit of a unique twist to it: She was racing…

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